Wednesday, June 20, 2007


Hello all!

Welcome to Third Wave's blog! All of us are incredibly excited about attending the first ever Social Forum held in the United States, where at the end of this month, thousands of activists from across movements will gather to learn, educate, network and build bridges. In Atlanta, we will get the chance to learn more about all of the fantastic social justice work being done around the country and how we might better collaborate with each other. The US Social forum will be a place where activists can strategize about how to better address the many pressing issues that face our communities.

Because Third Wave is an organization deeply invested in the cross-movement work that will happen at this historic conference, we decided to give scholarships to 22 young activists from around the country to attend the USSF. In this space over the next few weeks, you will find blog entries about our experiences of and thoughts about the US Social Forum from Third Wave staff and scholarship recipients. We hope you look forward to reading this blog as much as we enjoy writing in it.

See you in Atlanta!


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