Saturday, June 30, 2007

Through the eyes of Chaka B prt. 2

I will definitely miss the atmosphere of the US Social Forum, the sweet ice tea and my hotel room with AC ( I wish I could take it with me to Chi-town)
I was able to cram in a fair amount of workshops during these last few days, most of which have left me heated and inspired to keep on fighting for peoples rights. Here are the workshops that I attended:

They Left Us Here to Die: Katrina and Ethnic Cleansing in New Orl. & Mississippi Gulf-People's Hurricane Relief Fund

Stopping the Rail to Jail:the US's Addiction to Incarcerating Youth of Color-The Community Justice Network for Youth

Black & Brown for Alliance Building-Centro por La Justicia

Fuck The Police: Why Hip Hop Does Not Cooperate with Law Enforcement Agencies-National Hip Hop Political Convention

All of these amazing workshops, all of the issues and topics that I have heard being debated so far this week have inter-connected and kriss-crossed so much so that as Susana said earlier in her blog...I feel that the most important piece that has come out of this forum for me, is that all of these issues are important to see the overall picture of how people of color and working class people are oppressed. That all of us need to work on these multiple issues, if we want to make serious head-way as a collective that can bring about change.
There is so much work to do, I hope that I will be able to continue to build with all of the dope people that I have been blessed to meet with this week. Shout out to all of the Third Wave recipients and the Third Wave staff! Thank you for this inspiring experience :)

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