Saturday, June 30, 2007

This is why it's HOT

Can I first just say WOW! I have had the pleasure of meeting so many amazing people, doing profound and much needed work in their/our communities. It is truly a privilege to share a room with all the amazing minds at the United States Social Forum.

The first day or so, I was a little disoriented. It took a while for me to figure out how I was going to 1) navigate my way between the hotels to get to the workshops that I wanted to attend, 2) narrow down to one workshop the 10 or so that I would like to attend in any given moment, and 3) find time to eat J I would have to say that by Friday and Saturday I pretty much had it figured out.

I was really impressed at the degree to which people are really focused on getting as much learnin’ done at the forum as possible. We all have risen early, stayed up late, and kept the touring of beautiful Atlanta to a minimum. Good Work Everyone! As a result, I can see from the workshops that I participated in, we are all going to have acquired many tools to take home with us.

On another note, and I’m just being real yall’, I find it kind of strange that a Social Form that houses org’s that place a high level of criticism on the state, capitalism, and resources, chose its location to be in fancy downtown Atlanta, in the finest hotels no less. Now mind you, most of the activists are staying 4+ to a room, and even though I am an Atlanta ex-pat, I cant think of a single area of town that could possibly hold this number of people, it still feels kind of weird. No recycling! What's up with that, I know that the recycling industry creates huge waste, and usurps many resources, but as any harm reductionist would say, even a little positive change goes a long, long, way.

You know what I realized, that the workshops were just long enough, and provided just enough information and inspiration, that I know what I need to do my homework on. I’m fired up Yall! I want to redouble my efforts, and expand the work that I am doing. I want to get out there and make the change that I want to see. I also realize that I need to improve my facilitating and educating skills, there are some really dope educators out here and I have much to learn from everyone of them.

A more detailed write-up of what I learned to follow tomorrow J

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