Friday, June 29, 2007

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Day 1 – The Adventure…

My alarm clock decided that it would be okay not to wake me up at 4 o’clock to catch my airplane. Instead, my mom woke me up. After I got myself together, my brother in law drove me to the Oakland Coliseum Bart Station so that I can get to SFO Airport. Before I left the car, he said a prayer for me that cooled my nerves. I gave him a hug and now I was on my way.

I thought that was the end of my detour, but when I get to the Airport, I was delayed not once but three times. One was due to technical problems, the second was staffing and the third was the plane was just late. Along with the delays, I had to change gates 6 times. By now, I was praying, Lord will I every make it to the U.S. Social Forum? At a point, I was wishing that I was like Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz, “There’s no place like the Social Forum.” But I praise God that I was safe and that my needs of a flight were arranged.

After the long flight… I finally made it!!! I walked the Atlanta Airport, lost in where my luggage and staff members were but eventually found them. Got on the MATRA transit system and off to the Westin Hotel.

The night lights of ATL was great to see, but I know there will be more to come…

Day 2 – What a Day…

So much information… so much networking… so many organizations… where do I start???

Well, I started off, going to the Ms. Foundation breakfast to met scholarship recipients like my self along with meeting my girl, Courtney from Why Give. After the breakfast… I registrar and headed towards the Civic Center. It was a 20-minute walk where I dodged the sun with Atlanta tall buildings. Once arriving, I was amazed of the umbrellas of movements that are represented here, such as the women’s movement, youth movement, reproductive justice, immigrant rights, media advocacy and the list goes on and on… where do you start and where do you end? I walked all over the streets of Downtown Atlanta from the Westin Hotel to the Civic Center to the Marriott and it goes on… I was having such an inspirational day, that I am thinking about doing another conference.

After my last workshop, I walked back to my hotel to regroup from the day and to get ready for dinner with my 3rd Wave folks. Dinner was lovely along with the company to share it with.

It is an honor to be surrounded by women and people that have a purpose and passion for what they do.

The saga continues…

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