Thursday, June 28, 2007

day 1 and a picture of me

okay. hi. i took a break to go back to my hotel ( red roof inn, sis) to drop off all of the flyers and info i spent this morning collecting.

first of all, please stop and sat hi to me if you see me because i'd like to meet you, and because i came alone.
i suppose that at this point, I'm expecting that the majority of my time spent here will be focused on trying to figure out how to make all of this information understandable...or acceptable to those i intend to bring it back to. it is not uncommon for me to find myself in a position where i have a lot to share, and some solid evidence to back it up, but no one who wants to listen to me. people who will argue that the community has already been lost and that each of its residents are simultaneously to blame and at fault for it. the thing is, i really believe that its the responsibility of the adults to clear the path that we want the youth to take. 'cuz my kids, well they barely know what a compass is.

the ACLU had a good session called "education vs incarceration" on how current policy makes it really hard for kids without a lot of support or resources to A) FINISH school and B) stay out of the prison system.

fact of the day: "they" determine how many jails to build based on the standardized test scores of 3rd graders. huh?


Brad said...

Looks like an interesting group. kathy sent me your email of when you would be in town and I apologize it got shuffled in my mess. I am glad meg was able to see you and by 8:45pm Carolines swim meet was cancelled because of lightning. We are going to be up at the lake this weekend and then off to williamsburg as I am sure meg told you. Call my cell 404-259-5884 if I can help you at all while in Atlanta.

Vigunya said...

Hey Rhea,

I didn't see your comment until waaay too late (um, right now!). I feel you on the getting lost though. Where is the body of water to set my cardinal directions straight?! Maybe we can get together some time in Chicago though and decompress. Let me know if you're interested!