Saturday, June 30, 2007

farewell to ussf

It's been such a crazy couple of days but nothing could have ended it on better note then the plenary on Liberating Gender and Sexuality. All of the speakers were incredible. One of the most memorable quotes of my time here was by Imani Henry when she said "if another world is possible, then a u.s isn't necessary with". Mia Mingus left me completly amazed and the honor of listening to Loretta Ross and the others was an experience almost too much to handle.

I left the civic center with a pounding head and a pounding heart, but for the first time since i've been here, the two were insync.

In a earlier workshop i had this morning, they asked us to put on paper the burning questions that we fall asleep thinking of and awaking to. Questions we focused on is what "change" really is, and does it really last. I felt so cynical for a moment and thought of change as some fickle friend you know of that never keeps her word. But tonight i heared her speak and and i figured that the word isn't for her to keep but mine. I hope that makes some sense since i've been trying to make some sense of everything these past four days.

As this comes to a close i'm making resolutions with myself of just how i'm actually going to take back home what i've gotten out of these stories and workshops and people. It's been crazy and fun and ther's not a doubt in my mind that it's been historical and life-affirming as well.

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Psst, Imani Henry is a man.