Saturday, June 30, 2007

All of us or none

The reason I choose this title is becase i feel that we all are looking, for the same thing here at this gathering, and that is either justice for all, or none. i must say that this has been the most, profound experience I have ever had in my life!!!!!!!!!

The work shops were very moving and also the speakers were excellent.i have been here since wednesday morning, and have had little sleep, but how can you when there is so much going on here. The first day me and the housinng coordinator. of A New Way OF LIfe Re-entry Project,went to a workshop regarding durg court, and how they are helping people to stay cclean and the sevices they provide there. The second workshop was on transgender rights and how they are abused in and out of the system. Ok now for the juicy one-----The Plenary i don't know if I spelled that word right but ya'll know what I am talking about. The panel on thursday with the people from new orleans was by far the best experince I had yet. The unprinted stories is was i call them because we heard what they did not print or brodcast. My heart went out to all of those people because I did not know the damage that was done. It moved me to tears becuse, it is one thing to loose a love one or a friend but to loose your whole life and everything you know under water is somethingt totally diffrent. I was astonished at the testimonies, of those people who where strong enough to tell their story without breaking down, had that have been me I would have been in a straight jacket! But they say "god don't put nothin on u that u can't handle. And it just made me realize that I have so much to be thankful for. Those people are in great need of our help and if I can do anything although I don't have much I am willing to do it. I'd rather give the little that I have to the people who have absolutely nothing!!! One thing this gathering has taught me is that no fight is separate we all fighting for one thing and that is to live free and die happy!!!!!! The panel was a turn out, the civic center was so packed I think los angeles heard us. We have soo much power to change the world and I hope that by us all attending this helps us to carry the torch of justice to our comunities and our neighboorhoods, to impact some people enough to want to get involved. I just want to say thank you to the third wave foundation for blessing me with this extrodinary opportunity!!!!!!!!!
I'll Holla

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