Thursday, June 28, 2007

Through the eyes of Chaka B prt. 1

I really didn't know what to expect from the US Social Forum. Being a part of the Americorp program 'Public Allies Chicago', a course which advances diverse young leaders to strengthen communities & non-profits. I thought that I had absorbed as much knowledge as I could this year. That I cared enough, to continue working for systematic change through social justice work...
I had come to understand the sad and often complex disparities between being empowered by the knowledge of the various issues which black & brown people face daily and being frustrated with the racism/classicism and sexism that exists within the philanthropy sector.
So the USSF for me, at first was just an escape from the 3.5 jobs that I have to do in order to get by in Chicago. A place that I was hoping would be a good space for me to figure out my next career move, my next re-location within the States, and my current youth to adult transitional phase. So that I could be inspired to take the next jump forward towards my future.

I have been inspired by seeing the true reflection of social justice here, within this diverse group of people which make up the first year of USSF.
Meeting so many activists who are not willing to settle and accept the hand they have been dealt with. Who want to see a change now, within our lifetime, can only give me hope.
I just pray that this group of people will continue to have the passion and drive which brought them here, to change society's institutions.

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