Saturday, June 30, 2007

peace out.

I've learned a lot. and I've learned a lot about what i don't know.

One thing I've been turning over in my head for the last 10 hours is video as a means of empowerment and education. it all started while i listened to these sisters from Building Movement and their collaborators who use videos for advocacy work, to help their communities understand stuff that they aren't otherwise getting. brilliant.

Now I have this idea about how when i get home I'm gonna get together some people and start my kids on a steady diet of video making and watching. of course, since i work in social services, I'm also gonna have to get myself on a steady diet of grant writing to make it happen. this is fine. i like writing.

I've learned about why history is important to teach, and learn, and seek out.

today i also learned about the steps of the transformation process: learn, awareness, vision, strategy, action, and reflection/ evaluation. this is good to know. it seems i usually loos it somewhere around strategy. I learned that from the Labor/ Community Strategy Center.

tonight's plenary on liberation of gender and sexuality was fantastic. each speaker brought forth precise descriptions of why feminism still matters. sometimes, i spend so much time with kids that it becomes difficult for me to articulate my beliefs. hearing others so clearly present theirs has given me the kick I've been looking for- inspiration to recommit myself to freedom. Loretta Ross was AMAZING.

Here's what I scribbled down as she spoke:
- a slave cannot own a slave
- competitive victimhood- be careful that you don't put others down to raise yourself up.
- they may be your color, but they're not your kind
They had it TOGETHER. They were the people who head the Bus Riders' Union in LA.
- white supremacy would gladly replace anyone, as long as there's some one to oppress
- leadership is an opportunity to serve. To take risks, make mistakes, be accountable
- beware of the colonization of not only the mind and the body but of peoples, and communities. Imperialism ans colonialism are mighty opponents to us.

ok, well. its been real. i gotta go to bed so i can catch the early flight home. bye!

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