Friday, June 29, 2007

friday is the new wednesday

hey all,

first of all, theres something i need to get off my chest- ATL is hot- and the sun is relentless. I'm bringing an air- conditioned bubble for my next trip here. or maybe the thing is that i spent a great deal of the day walking in the wrong direction. hmmm. ok, im over it.

so- today was decent. frustrating- i found that the majority of things i really wanted to go to were the farthest away from where i am, and apparently, i do not understand the bus system, because after a failed attempt to make it to L5P, pouted my way to the renaissance to check out a session on Urban Youth Growth and Development put on by this agency called GlobalHood.

They are a pretty interesting group of people and Alba outlined a youth development program hat they've been researching and developing for 3 years. that's a long time to work without results... so i give her respect for that. the basic concept is take a young adult who has pretty much fallen through the cracks, but does not want to be down there and hook him to an intensely personalized, individually- based program of mentorship, training, and international rural development work to break them from their situation. once they return from their international trip, they come back to the hood and use their skills at home.

coming from a place with its fair share of janky NGO's i am concerned that the kid will come back here, all jazzed up to work, and end up connected to some irresponsible NGO who crushes their spirit. Alba assured me that she would take this into consideration...check it...

tomorrow, if I'm feeling ambitious i will attempt the trip to little five points again. otherwise it looks as if ill be at the hotels all day. call me if you need a partner. 312- 479- 5385. for real. or if you wanna check this out hit me up.

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