Tuesday, July 3, 2007

home sweet home

Well I am finally home and I must say that I am very tired. Emotionally, physically, and mentally. this has been an event.i have never felt so empowered in my life until I was able to be apart of the social form. It gave me a chance to see things more clear than before. Ia actually got grateful because after seeing some of the injustices take place in different states and countries, I had to be grateful that although my situation is not the best that it could be worst. This movement really pushed me to ant to get involved more and be of service. I learned that it is not what color but what amount of blood, and tears has been shed because of persecution being inflicted on by our government. And sometimes the worst of a situation can bring a mass together in the name of justice, in order to make things better for the present and future. What really was awesome was the fact that it was very peaceful no one was rowdy, no one got into fights, which is what I am used being from south central LA where if people come together some one is going to fight.Once I arrived home I was very eager to share my experiences with my friends and love ones. I made sure that they understood that although life may not go right and things may seem a mess that there is always someone going through something much worst, and to be happy to just live and be free, because for some reason freedom is a gift and not a right. Thank u third wave foundation---Mia and Jessica for allowing me to be apart of this.

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