Sunday, July 1, 2007

Closing thoughts...

Wow, today was exhausting. I made myself get up in time for the closing People's Assembly and was impressed by how many different organizations, came to the stage to voice their future plans of how they intended to continue with the movement in their state. It was such a shame that in the midst of all of these positive affirmations, miscommunication and ego's of key leaders almost threatened to override the closing ceremony.

It is impressive that this event and all that it stands for has taken place in America, it is impressive that the organizers were able to successfully bring together so many different non-profit organizations and communities in one city for a five day social forum.

In summery, one of the final thoughts I will leave with from this forum (as one organizer said during the closing ceremony) We are not here to have a competition of who's issues/injustices are more important than anothers. We should respect one another's points of views and give them the space to be aired. We are not the enemy...we should work together to make sure this movement succeeds.

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